Newbee needs advice

Aug 29, 2023
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United States
I am back to try and hook up my Frankenstein compressor. 60 gal tank, Ebay 5hp motor, HF 5 HP, 145 PSI V-Style Single Stage Cast Iron Air Compressor Pump, Mag starter with run, stop buttons on front of case and I need advice on wiring the mag starter and pressure switch to the motor. I have a 30amp 230v junction box reserved for the project. I would like to use the buttons on the mag starter to start and stop the compressor, if possible. Please help me understand which wires go to the different connections. I looked at so many different setups, I am thoroughly confused now! I know an electrician is my best bet and may have to go that route if unable to get it setup, but really want to try to do it to learn. Any help greatly appreciated, sorry for the long post. Re-posting pics below. The labeled 000 is a pic I found online that I'm hoping to somewhat copy with my setup, if doable.
P.S. any drawings or sketches would help someone like me.




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