My DIY wind turbine and generating electricity using old printer motor…

Nov 15, 2020
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Hi friends,

In this video, I am showing step by step, how to make a very simple DIY homemade wind turbine, for harnessing of renewable wind energy source. A 12 feet diameter powerful wind turbine is made, using blades cut from 10 inch diameter PVC pipe. This wind turbine is very simple to make & uses cheap & commonly available items. The generator for the wind turbine is made using a stepper motor taken from an old printer.

The wind turbine is generating 12V DC even for moderate wind velocity. The wind turbine is generating adequate power to run emergency LED light and small blower fans.

My future plan is to connect the generator output to a voltage regulator and connect to battery for charging it. This will allow the stored electricity to be used during any time and to power my home equipments. I am also planning to make a custom made powerful generator and connect to the wind turbine for generating more output power.

Hope you all will enjoy watching this video.

Kind regards

Ben Jacob


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