Macerators on ebay !

Jan 12, 2011
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Purchased a toilet macerator off ebay from a seller in Germany who has since changed his trading title to toolsdirekt (!) and it has stopped working already. Only used about 20 times by myself so nothing untoward went into it.
No reply from either ebay or toolsdirekt . It seems like money literally down the drain. £52.90 plus postage. A lot of trouble for me so I'd like to alert others who are thinking of buying one of these.
Is ebay being used to offload faulty merchandise to customers, items that will just outlast the feedback time period and then break. It's not so easy to return items either as you can't usually just go back to the shop.


Jan 16, 2012
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Send it back! That will cheer him up when it turns up! :rolleyes:

You should have went for a Saniflow, ive used them before with no problems. £59 is cheap though, and now you know why!

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