Insulation of a external stud wall, shiplap ?

Apr 7, 2012
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Hi There,

I'm new this forum and would be so grateful for some professional advice. I'm currently building a workshop. The shiplap has been attached straight onto the studs so it is a bit late for a breather membrane. I plan to put 60mm kingspan between to studs and then 25mm over the top of the studs to stop bridging. I guess then internal cladding or plasterboard.

Does this sound ok ?, my concern is vapour build up as no barriers have been used yet. Will the 25mm kingspan act as a barrier ?

I plan to have a woodburner inside as the barn is in a very cold valley. I guess it would also be wise to build insulated barn doors as all this effort would be in vain if just timber ?

Pics below show the project so far. Any pointers would be fantastic.


Images of the barn:




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