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Discussion in 'General DIY and Home Improvement' started by Witterings, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Witterings


    Jan 10, 2018
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    I'm looking at buying a smallish compressor mainly just for pumping up car / bike tyres then you start looking at what else it could be used for and a nail / staple gun would be extremely useful for general DIY and also as an air blower gun for clearing dust and muck from bike etc.

    I get that a 6 ltr 8 bar won't run for as long as say an 8 bar 24 ltr but both will be the same pressure .......

    Would I notice a lot of difference in power with an air blow gun with a 24 ltr that was 10 bar .... I'm guessing the higher pressure one will also last for longer without having to charge back up but again as well but would that be a noticeable amount of time or not really??.

    Any help would be appreciated ... it's a lot to get your head round initially when you've never used one before.
    Witterings, Jan 10, 2018
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