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Jun 14, 2016
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I am a master builder when I was diagnosed with ‘ms’ in my mid thirties a slowly progressive disease but we coped. First walking stick crutches wheelchair finally a battery powered chair. I was advised to change my career, but I was born to build it came naturally I knew that eventually ‘ms’ would have an effect on my physical capabilities of building. This stroke brought it on sooner than expected. With my extensive building experience my ‘cad’ knowledge all builders have their own way of estimating jobs I had some ‘xl’ spreadsheet training I still build albeit on a screen When I was building dealing with ‘bcos’ and architects college grads. Seemed to think all they needed on site was hard hats hi viz and smart, phones with all the ‘apps’. One of the many moans builders had was working from drawings and bills of quantities obviously made from people with no practical idea of building .Many times dealing with ‘grads’. Now I create drawings including fully itemised priced bills of quantities so anybody with the least building knowledge can understand. Because of my situation my work is access related. Who better to design buildings than a builder in a wheelchair I have free examples of drawings including project management with price bills of quantities if anybody is interested holiday homes home conversions. We have been through of not only me having this stroke but of also the but the traumatic experience of having to come home to a house that wasn’t prepared for me. We were told that an adaptation grant would be available. A visit was made by the services you wouldn’t believe the suggestions they came up with the had no clue a couple of social workers justifying their existence and salary by making a cursory visit but this was refused. We had no option but to pull out all our savings and more to get the work done. Fortunately with me being in building I could call on tradesmen I worked with to convert my garage to a bedroom and wet room Which is why I am offering this free service for those having to go through the same experience. It’s not getting any better with the council cut backs hitting those most vulnerable. I have submitted plans for both planning and building regulations for several local authorities successfully in the past for extensions, loft conversions garden rooms and new build all I need are dimesions and brief. If I can help somebody with a problem.I have many free examples of drawings and project schedules that include fully priced bills of quantities can be sent in ‘pdf’
I can be contacted via this email (e-mail address removed) and (e-mail address removed)


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