Garage extension advice



I'm planning to extend my existing single skin brick built felt flat roofed garage. As it stands approx 18m2.

The plan is to extend full width and extend the large entrance end.

The total m2 will be approx. 28m2 so no planning required.

My dilemma is the structure would become a mixture of existing brick and blockwork or if done in timber brickwork and cement board, so for esthetics I'd want to clad in a feather edge board ( in either construction ).

The existing and new side are both within 1m of the bounty.

There seems to be grey areas in terms of non combustible material for 1. The cladding and 2. The roof.

I don't mind going down the block work route but where does that leave me with the roof. Looking around my local area there seems to be mixed construction non combustible and combustible 15m2+ structures all within the 1m boundary.

Oddly all single storey habitable extensions built on the party wall line are flat felt or similar roofed. What's more working in construction most roofs on low rise blocks generally don't require a non combustible roof covering.

Any pointers would be appreciated.




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