Exterior wood treatment

Nov 28, 2020
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United Kingdom
I'm getting a wooden outbuilding, made of untreated northern Scandinavian pine. The maker recommends the following

1) A single coat of Cuprinol or Blackfriars, or Sadolin clear wood preservative internally and externally.

2) External - they say that they've found Sadolin, Jotun/Butinox & Sikkens Novatech/Novatop to be good, but only go into detail with Sadolin, suggesting one of

- 1 coat of Classic then 1 coat of Extra
- 2 coats of Onecoat
- 2 coats of Superdec
- 2 or 3 coats of Classic

About 70 sq m external surface to cover.

Colour options, translucent/opaque and gloss/semi choices apart, does anyone have any views on one option vs another, Sadolin vs Jotun vs Sikkens?


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