Electrical shock

Jul 18, 2014
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Got a strong electrical shock from the water in my in ground swimming pool the other night after an all day rain.Pool pump and underwater lights were on, concrete around pool was wet. I dropped to one knee and dipped my hand in the water and got a tremendous shock much greater than one of those insect electric racquets. Turned off pump and lights and went inside and researched pool shock and wiring etc.

Next day I tried to recreate the shock. Could not do it no matter what I tried. Inspected all electrical circuits and pool fixtures and am doing some upgrade. Pool fixtures do not appear to be bonded with continuous # 8 bare copper wire. A few days later with all power off to pool pump and lights family swam in pool. While standing in pool with wet suit daughter touched hand rail and got a small tingling like an electric muscle stimulater. Grandson did to. All Power was OFF or so i thought.

I checked all circuit breakers. Main power for outdoors 100 amp circuit breaker when off leaked 1+volts. 30 Amp breaker to Swimming pool box leaked 1+ volts. Swimming pool pump breaker OK. No leak while off. Underwater Light 15 Amp breaker leaking 1.4 volts. So pool light might be the culprit. Must be some short of problem with pool light.

This might explain the tingling shock when power was off and daughter grabbed handrail. Current leaking into pool and touching rail completed circuit going through daughter to handrail to ground.

But what about my experience. Power to light was on. Current leaking into pool. I touched water while kneeling. Circuit completed thru me to wet concrete? Sound plausible? Any help?

I am making repairs on circuits and will have pool electrician check it.


Jun 3, 2018
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Stay out of and away from that pool until an electrican can inspect the grounding and most of all bonding around the pool area.
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