Double glazed sealed units

Sep 10, 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi all. I am currently in the early stages of planning aself-build garden room. The idea in my head is a simple rectangular structure with a gently sloping flat roof. Modern looking and a simple design. However, I've got the idea in that I'd like a fully (or at least almost full) glazed frontage. I was thinking of aquiring some used sealed units and 'joining' them together in random fashion to create a fully glazed jigsaw-type wall.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how I could join the units. I want to to be as low budget (whilst still being effective) as possible and, ideally, I'd like the joins to be discreet (in other words, I don't really want to see big chunky frames around the windows)

Any ideas, advice or warnings would be gratefully received.


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