Does flat surface with white enamel paint get hot in the sun


Jul 26, 2018
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Hi there,

I'm painting pallets for dogs at my local shelter, I want to paint them white and use them for the dogs to sit on because it's sand everywhere and in summer the sand gets so hot they have to huddle under the small areas that have shade or retreat to their kennels. I have painted some of their kennels with enamel paint after using a wood primer, and these kennel colours have lasted the longest, with no fading so they look great 2 years on. All other decoration I have done using enamel doesn't seem to wear.

So when we got in alot of pallets that I thought would be great for them to sit on and not burn their feet, I am hoping painting them white makes them cool enough for them to sit on. OR will it get blistering hot like every other surface? If white is cool, would bright yellow also be ? I can test this out but would help save me some paint if someone already knows.

Many thanks

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