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    Jun 14, 2016
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    I have previously posted on forum about functional electric stimulation ‘fes’ for post stroke. What I am offering is drawings with project schedules including itemised priced bills of quantities. This is free but should you feel the need to show gratitude you can make a donation for funding to help make this form of treatment more available for stroke victims. All this treatment has had trials and and approved by ‘nice’. The proof of its success is the number of private clinics opened selling the treatment for all forms of neural problems ms, cerebral palsy. Unfortunately many victims aren’t in a position to pay for it, relying on what the nhs can give. Now austerity measures taken are having effects it seems all post stroke treatment is being seriously affected leaving a lot of desperate victims. Being a wheelchair bound builder who can empathise regarding disabled living needs and access I may be able to help and it stops me going stir crazy at least I am still building albeit on a screen for anybody who needs my help all I need are dimensions and brief my mikalcad1@gmail.com or cadtechmike@gmail.com
    I will try to attach some examples I’ve suggested this before if you haven’t got pdf reader download ‘pdf 24’ it’s free does the lot converts everything. Iv’e been using for a long time easier and better than adobe

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    mikealan, Dec 9, 2016
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