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Oct 3, 2015
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I found a good price for a Graco Project Plus sprayer. I am wondering if others have used this device and what hints/tips you might have. I am thinking it will be my second coat approach to house painting next spring and likely semi transparent recoat for a summer white cedar shingle cottage.
Jul 29, 2018
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Huddersfield. UK.
United Kingdom

Years ago I bought an industrial DeVilbiss airless sprayer with the intention of speeding exterior painting of our detached bungalow; as usual with second hand equipment I buy I fully restored this sprayer.

DeVilbiss as bought motor and pump..JPG

A complete strip down even replacing motor bearings; I was looking forward to using this sprayer.

DeVilbiss motor and pump (3).JPG

Painting underway.

DeVilbiss repainted (4).JPG

This is a very heavy sprayer.
DeVilbiss repainted (5).JPG

Fully restored ready for work. I sprayed clean water through it to test it and it was fine.

Having gone to all this trouble and time I then was alarmed by what I read on the web. A guy had been using an airless sprayer to spray a cricket pavillion; having completed the spraying and being pleased to have done it quickly then came many expensive complaints. Whilst spraying he hadn't realized the light breeze was picking up the overspray carrying it still wet onto lots of nearby cars in the car park; it cost an awful lot of money to sort this out.

I sold the sprayer without ever using it using brush and roller instead; it took a lot longer but at least when the job was done there wasn't any comeback. If you can spray without causing collateral damage then yes it's the quickest and best way to paint large areas but I'm adding this as a caution before and not after you spray.

Later I bought an Apollo HVLP turbine sprayer this time to use indoors to spray during giving our master bedroom a comprehensive makeover.

Apollo sprayer bought Oct 2014 (1).JPG

The Apollo HVLP turbine sprayer
Finished front bedroom Apl 2015 (7).JPG

New wainscot panelling after being sprayed.
Finished front bedroom Apl 2015 (12).JPG

New coffered ceiling after spraying; the inset panels were brush/roller panted but although masking up took quite a while spraying definitely was the way to go giving brilliant results as seen.

Having done this spraying I then sold the sprayer because I found it a real pain to clean the gun; over the years I've done lots of spraying and my other guns were always quick to clean. Spraying indoors creates fog so suitable protection needs to be worn.

I'm just passing a bit of time beause it's another cold day and I don't feel like wandering down to the workshop. Just my thoughts on spraying.

Kind regards, Colin.

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