2nd Vanity direct vent/wet vent into main stack

Jun 20, 2019
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United States
Hello all
I posted this on another plumbing forum but didn't get a response, hoping this site can help here...

I've DIY'd a few bathroom remodels but this is my first venture into waste system changes to add a second vanity. I'm wondering if I can change a dry vent stack into a wet vent/direct vent for my second vanity based on the existing piping. I would like to splice a san-t into the main vent stack and run the trap arm into that san-t. The trap arm run would only be a foot or so. The house is single story and all the drains and vents are bathroom related as there is another bathroom on the back side of the wall. Based on the CA code 908 I think I'm ok doing this but must ask as a waste rookie. All the piping is cast iron and galvanized so its a bit more challenging to tie into than all ABS.

Hopefully the pictures below are clear. Sorry that the vanity is in the way but trying to keep it livable through the remodel.

I have no problem calling a plumber if this requires more work than just splicing and connecting a few pipes.





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