2 stage furnace configuration

Jan 6, 2020
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United States
Im trying to understand if my furnace has been setup correctly.

I have 5 wires running from my thermostat (nest)
To my furnace(r96va1002521msa)

I looked up that manual for the furnace and i was able to confirm it is in fact a 2 stage furnace.

I do not have a jumper in the furnace between w1 and w2. As well as all my dip switches are off(factory settings).

It seems as though someone at sometime moved dipswitxh 10. But its off now.

Here are my questions.
Have i been living on stage 1 heating the wholw time have had this furnace. Last 5 years. or is stage 2 being triggered some other way. Am i misunderstanding dip switches.

Appreciate the help.




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