Wood burner surround

Sep 10, 2023
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United Kingdom
Several years ago we had a wood burner stove fitted in the chimney breast in our lounge. Unfortunately the tradesmen who fitted it used ordinary (not heat resistant) plaster to surround the fire. Over time we have a problem with the plaster crumbering due to the heat of the fire. I have decided to tile the surround to solve the problem once and for all. I need to patch and level off the walls prior to tiling. My question is would Polyfiila for this? I know ideally, I should remove the old plaster and start again, but as the stove is situated in the chimney breast it is almost impossible to use any tools. Although I cannot find any information that Polyfilla is heat resistant I seem to remember using it to patch the the crumbering plaster previously and it a worked well. After all it be under the tiles which provide a degree of insulation.
Any advice would appreciated, Thank you in advance
Cheers Sail-william

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