Start the day with a problem.

Jul 29, 2018
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Huddersfield. UK.
United Kingdom

On Saturday night whilst visiting the bathroom I noticed one of the exterior security lights was on; thinking it must be a moggy having triggered it I returned to bed. 6am making a brew the light was still on? Getting up at 7 o'clock first thing to do before breakfast was to collect the steps from the shed; switch the mcb off and remove the linear light bulb then switch the mcb back on and put the steps away of course all the while it was pouring with rain.

After breakfast out with the steps once more again in the pouring rain; go into the workshop to switch the mcb off and collect the new light unit I bought a few years ago; after searching every cupboard three times I spent time on my hands and knees looking on shelves and in bench cupboards only to finally admit defeat and switch the mcb back on and put the soaking wet steps away.

Back in the bungalow now with dry clothes on I bought two new LED type security lights both with sensors; these to be delivered later this week so the problem would soon be sorted out.

After dinner I wandered into the workshop opened a cupboard to see the new boxed security light laughing at me; the rain had finally stopped but everything outside was soaking wet; anyway I installed the new light; put the tools away; put the steps away in the shed and switch on the mcb.

As I returned up to the rear of the bungalow I was surprised to see both security lights not switched on; they always come on after the power has been interrupted? Just then Bron informed me the bungalow lights were also out of action. Had I switched on the correct mcb; this was most puzzling so back into the workshop to check? Yes the mcb was switched on and I just stood looking at it a short while wondering what had happened then I noticed the RCD had tripped? I've never known anyone with as much bad luck; I just knew what had happened and sure enough the second security light decided to wind the big key up in my back; the bulb had blown at switch on; I've come to the conclusion this bungalow hates me with a passion because everything I do is fraught with hassle but I fight on. I've just arc welded the tines on my brand new rotavator; there's no let up at all with silly problems.

Tomorrow will be just the same with another problem so bring it on. :p

A quick update; Yodel have just delivered the two new LED security lights; I wonder if I should plug both into the workshop and switch them on so that I can find them when needed. GRRRRRR.

Kind regards, Colin.
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