Shower Renovation

Sep 15, 2018
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South Manchester
Four years ago, I tarted the grout between the tiles in the shower and replaced the silicone between them and the shower tray. It hadn't been done since we had it installed, seven years before that. It was looking a bit dowdy.

By this year, it needed doing again as mould was again forming between a few of the tiles and the silicone was discoloured with mould in places.
Shower sprays were useless.
So it needed doing again.
The problem is that this small bathroom takes a long time to dry out after using the shower, even with the shower doors and the bathroom door open, as we don't open a window in there. "Don't ask why."

My wife found this stuff on her shopping channel called Grout Cure. It wasn't cheap, three tubes for £19 including postage, though I've seen it advertised elsewhere for £12 a tube.

I ripped out the offending grout and re-grouted the whole shower, making sure there were no gaps between the tiles to harbour mould and replaced the silicone. This cure treatment I found hard to apply, but I think I made a better job of it than what was achieved in the demonstration on the TV.

I found the only way to do it, was to mask up every tile. Not as hard as it sounds, you do all the verticals with one strip and when you've done them, do the horizontals.

Anyway, job done, over last week-end, including washing down the ceiling and all the tiles, in the bathroom. What I found most difficult at the age of 82, was doing the bottom tiles as it was a hands and knees job and there wasn't room to turn round, you had to get up to do it.

I only used the Grout Cure on the tiles in the shower enclosure and then I used more than two tubes. It's like a rubbery texture and is guaranteed to stay white. The jury's out on that one, we'll wait and see.



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