Shoe rack build how to configure box's

Mar 24, 2018
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I am making a shoe rack with seat on top.
See attached drawing for what I am doing.
(drawing not to scale, not even close)
The 1/2in and 5/8in ply is what I have on hand, the 5/8in mdf I will be getting.
Where I am putting the 1/2in ply for partitions is where I am confused.
If I make the bottom row and attach the the sides and partitions to the top and bottom mdf piece.
How to build the next row?
I can't nail from the underside of the bottom row into the partition piece.
I will be gluing and brad nailing.




Nov 28, 2020
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United Kingdom
1) I hope it will have a back

2) I'd use ply throughout, no MDF. And screws, not nails.

3) How heavy will the person(s) sitting on the top be? Will ½" & ⅝" carry the load?

4) There shouldn't be any lateral loads on the dividers, so they don't need much in the way of locating, dowels to keep them in position should be fine. Or grooves routed into the shelves, if you have a router. Remember too that you'll be screwing through the back into the partitions.

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