Quadrafire Santa Fe Pellet stove

Nov 4, 2018
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Well I started out with a simple I thought was to replace the Combustion Blower which was getting real weak and making noise I didn't like listening to any more, all went well on this project but about two weeks later all of a sudden when I woke up one morning my stove was off with no sign of it being on during the night and found I had a blown fuse and I'm going wth went wrong now, well it started getting colder and I got into the wiring trying to figure out what is shorting out, I ordered a new Combustion Blower thinking it had shorted out so I replaced it with no luck as soon as I plugged the hot wire in the fuse blew again.

Check out my findings

Who would have ever guessed this as the problem, this adapter clamp came from the factory this way instead of a nut.
You guessed it I bought a new fuse holder and installed it and my pellet stove has been working fine since.


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