PRV Watts B1156F pressure?

Mar 24, 2018
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This is feeding a Navian boiler.
It has been in use approx. 7years.
The pressure kept dropping so the Navian would go into error.
I adjusted 3 times and brought it back to 12psi.
This last time I took it apart found a bit of green corrosion.
Cleaned it using CLR.
Put it back together, had trouble getting the pressure down low enough.
Had the adjustment backed all the way out.
It was at approx. 17psi. (Navian doesn't care that pressure is within it specs)
Checked it this morn. and the pressure was at 32psi.
So whats going on?
Like to know before I replace it if I can fix, save me some work taking the old one out and replacing. Of course I didn't plumb it with this in mind.
Watts PRV.jpg


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