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Jan 13, 2021
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United Kingdom
Afternoon folks. I have a private water supply which we share with our neighbour. From the borehole the supply pipe for our house comes into a filtration system, prior to the filtration system there is t pipe which connects to a pressure vessel which I believe pressurises the whole system for us and the neighbour.

As I understand it my neighbours supply is connected to the borehole supply pipe that supplies our house but diverts to their house prior our filtration system, enters their own filtration system and into their house, but they have no pressure vessel etc.

My question is if i turn off my water supply after the pressure vessel will the system still be pressurised and when my neighbour opens their tap they will still have water ? I appreciate it would be easy just to switch off my water and see what happens but that is not possible at present. Any assistance grateful received.


Dec 19, 2010
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Are you sure it's a pressure vessel and not a surge vessel?
Surge vessels are fitted to pump systems to prevent water hammer when the pump starts and stops.
You should be able to work on your part of the system if it has been designed properly.
You need to go over the system from the riser pipe and look for things like check or non-return valves that might separate the two house supplies.
On the face of it, I can't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to turn your half off.
If there aren't any already, it might be worth fitting a couple of pressure gauges after the vessel, in each supply branch.
Is there a makers name on the vessel? I think Grundfos used to do pressurised domestic systems.
As an aside, I hope you get some basic checks on the raw water quality done now and again.

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