Oil furnace fan not running

Nov 13, 2018
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I have a issue with my oil furnace I am trying to diagnose. The issue is on the fan/motor on the exhaust vent. When the furnace tries to kick on the motor buzzes and tries to run but seems to be stuck. If I open the circular port of the vent pipe I can turn the shaft by hand and help it, to start and runs OK, and the furnace lights and all is great until it shuts off. When the power is off the shaft/fan spin freely. Is the motor dead? or is it the capacitor? or something elsoe I havent figured out.

I need to get this fixed soon as we are in Maine, its cold and I have a 8 month old. We have a wood stove, and backup heat but I would like to get the primary heat back online.

Image of the motor attached, the whole unit is similar to the amazon link below, however a slightly different arrangement its expensive so I would rather just replace one specific part of this assembly if possible

Thank you for any help!




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