Lead flashing above "lean to" roof, help!

Jul 30, 2018
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Hi guys I am faced with a huge problem all of a sudden.
I am changing my lean to conservatory for a tiled roof which goes up to the window sill level on the first floor of the main house.
The main house is cavity concrete block with pebble dash, and I was under the impression that all i'll need to do is grind a slot above the new roof line and insert lead to cover the top of the new roof tiles. BUT...my building inspector has just been and gone after delivering a shock to me as well as a huge spanner in the works, he says I need to install cavity trays by taking rows of blocks out above the lead line, or the alternative it to clad the pebble dashed wall on the first floor to create a water barrier, this would mean cladding and rendering the entire first floor as well as lengthening the window sills.
Is my building inspector over the top and too keen? Can anyone suggest an alternative? it does not seem like I can argue this case with him.
This has come totally at the wrong time, I was ready to fit the rafters but now i need to possibly clad the first floor, while my conservatory/kitchen has nothing but a tarpaulin over it.


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