kohler faucet problem

Nov 1, 2012
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I am a new member and was looking for a forum to post my problem. I recently installed a customer bathroom faucet from Kohler. It was a three piece faucet very expensive from most remodels. Anyway I spent two hours messing with this darn thing. The problem was when I got it all together the water would not come out of the spout. There is a "T" that the hot and cold feeds into. In the directions it says to use these 2 washers ,one is rubber and one is hard plastic. The plastic one is installed so the pipe threads don't damage the rubber one ok so when u tighten it down the rubber one gets so spread out that it prevents the water from reachng the spout. After a ton of swearing and smackin my head and workingaround everything that was already installed and trouble shooting all I could think of, I tried removing the rubber washer. This worked ,thank God. This is a serious design flaw and a huge pain in the neck and back. Just wanted to let anyone working on a similar faucet with the same problem u may try this. good luck all


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