jacuzzi tap setup

Jul 9, 2023
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United Kingdom
Hi All, I am after a little help.

I bought a jacuzzi bath and the way the plumbing was setup was wrong and I can't seem to find the right configuration to get it to only flow water out when a selection is made.

I have tried to draw a diagram to show the setup.

When the bath was delivered, the hot and cold were going in to either side and a link flexible pipe was connected to both and nothing going to the faucet, so that wouldn't work as the link would just cause a full circle in flow to no output.

I have tried connecting the link cable to 1 of in/out take and connected it to the faucet and then the shower to the other spare link.

But when turning on the water the water just flows out of the shower head / tap even when it is on the bath or shower option.

Could someone help me on the configuration please, even if it means end capping 2 of the intakes?

Thanks in advance.


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