General question about HOA requiring my trash bins inside my garage.

Discussion in 'General DIY and Home Improvement' started by BruceMTG, May 11, 2017.

  1. BruceMTG


    May 11, 2017
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    Hi Everyone,
    So my question has to do with my HOA requiring me to keep my trash bins inside of my garage and it stinks up the whole place. My house entry is also usually through the garage as well so the smell carries through the doors and when I load my kids in the minivan the stink goes in the vehicle too.

    Here's my question, if there was a product on the market that would eliminate the smell from the big trash bins that the trash trucks pick up, how much would that be worth to you? If your trash bins are not in the garage, would this type of product be useful for you?

    A little background, I invented the product that does this. I'm not a vendor on this site so won't post info on it. I simply wanted to get feedback on how much something like this would be worth on the open market and your thoughts on my invention. Your honest opinion is greatly appreciated.
    BruceMTG, May 11, 2017
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