Furnace and ac not blowing..

May 29, 2018
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Ok so some backinfo first:

Double wide Modular home we just purchased around feburary (michigan)

Furnace is a newer 80% efficiency coleman downdraft and central ac.

Blower motor is clean, no dust or buildup at all, new filter. Inside looks spotless, ac coil looks spotless on the top where i can see.

My problem is that it doesnt blow right.

Let me rephrase, it blows and blows hard at the furnace. I take the bottom pannel off where the coil is and can feel the massive amount of pressure.

At the vents...almost nothing. The closest vent gets a slight breeze but the rest... I struggle to feel any air movement.

Ive looked underneath and there appears to be no breaks at all, everything looks good.

Now as fsr as the furnace goes, when it heats it struggles to reach 65 degrees. As in it will run non stop all day just to reach it.

When it is heating i can take the bottom inner cover off and feel the direct air off the heat exchanger...and at best its luke warm.

Im at a loss any suggestions?


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