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    1. General DIY and Home Improvement

      General DIY and Home Improvement

      If you have a DIY question that doesn't fit in to the categories below, then please post it in here.
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      Latest: Help concerning Shield Anchors xxStuartxx123, Jul 20, 2016 at 10:08 PM
    2. Appliances


      This is a place to post questions about your household appliances (oven, dishwasher, washing machine, fridge, freezer, etc...).
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    3. Building


      Anything related to building work, bricklaying, damp proofing, extensions and so on goes in this section.
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      Latest: Cinder block repair or replace Vono19, Jul 20, 2016 at 5:02 PM
    4. Building Regulations and Planning Permission

      Building Regulations and Planning Permission

      Ask your planning permission related questions in this category for advice from our members.
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    5. Central Heating

      Central Heating

      Please post topics relating to central heating, boilers, radiators, etc. in this forum section.
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      Latest: Noisy hot water furnace. rufus13, Jun 4, 2016
    6. Electrical


      For anything relating to electrical DIY (including telecoms, lighting and wiring).
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      Latest: Ceiling Fan Died and Its Summer The Odd Portrait, Jul 1, 2016
    7. Flooring and Tiling

      Flooring and Tiling

      Get answers to your flooring, tiling and carpet questions by posting in this section.
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      Latest: Wooden Floor Daniel Thomas, Jul 1, 2016
    8. Joinery, Woodwork and Carpentry

      Joinery, Woodwork and Carpentry

      Any woodwork or joinery related questions can go in this forum category.
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    9. Painting and Decorating

      Painting and Decorating

      Join us in here to discuss anything related to painting and decorating.
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      Latest: How to make a canvas from any Picture. The Odd Portrait, Jul 1, 2016
    10. Plumbing and Drains

      Plumbing and Drains

      Ask about anything to do with plumbing, drains and water pipes.
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      Latest: Protecting Against Limescale and Corrosion. Jeff Green, Jun 27, 2016
    11. Roofing and Guttering

      Roofing and Guttering

      Roofs, gutters, downpipes - chat about anything related in here.
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      Latest: Gutters Rufus11, May 20, 2016
    12. Tools


      Got a tool query? This is the place to get advice from members.
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      Latest: Favorite power drill brand Jeff Green, Jun 28, 2016
    13. Windows and Doors

      Windows and Doors

      For any window, door or similar queries.
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      Latest: Bathroom door knob broken Ian, Jul 4, 2016
    1. Off-Topic Lounge

      Off-Topic Lounge

      The cafe of the DIY Forums, talk about anything not related to the above forums in here.
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      Latest: ww3 lloydclaycomb, Jul 22, 2016 at 4:10 PM
    2. Introductions


      Feel free to introduce yourself to the forum in this section.
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    3. Feedback and Suggestions

      Feedback and Suggestions

      This is the place to let us know your comments and suggestions.
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      Latest: What is a gravatar? Ian, Jan 24, 2014