Wiring a Doorbell Transformer


Van DeWald


I'm trying to replace a doorbell transformer, and ran into a stubmling
block. Does it matter to which posts I attach the wires? The markings
don't seem to match up, and just curious if it matters for the wiring? I
don't want to blow the doorbell by any means, or electrocute myself. On the
old transformer, the red wire is hooked into the terminal that says 16v30va
and the white wire is hooked into the terminal that says, 8V20va. There is
a center terminal that says Load. On the new transformer, there are 2
teminals. Is it that the original transfomer is a multi-voltage terminal,
and depending on how you hook up the wires, gives you the proper voltage?
The instructions with the new transformer were of no help.





old one was wired 8+16= 24v - designed for 8 or 16 or 24 volts
terminals 8v + load = 8v
16v + load = 16v
8v +16v= 24v
a/c transformer generally would not matter which wire is on which terminal

what volt rating is the new transformer ?

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