What Type Anchor Bolt - Railing to Block/Brick Porch

Jul 2, 2019
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United States

I have two metal hand rails I had designed for my new porch top (just on the top level). The porch and patio are all hardscape so the porch and steps are large block. The rails will sit on top left and right and the top level blocks are 3 1/2 inches thick with the next lower level being like 5-6 inches thick. So, my thoughts are I should at least want to go in to the second level for stability.

I've been doing a lot of research to find the right bolt but most folks keep recommending a wedge anchor type bolt which clearly show suitable for cement and NOT block or brick.

My questions/concerns.

1. Can someone provide a recommendation on what the appropriate type anchor bolt is?
2. Concern - Primary concern is I don't want the block to split during drilling, noting the obvious that I shouldn't get to close to edge, etc (focusing on 3-4 inches inward from edge).

Thanks ahead.



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