what to put where the tarkett laminate meets the granite in the kitchen?



We need some suggestions. Here is our dilemma: we are redoing the floor
of our loft. The sub-floor is the building's original concrete floor
and we were told that on a concrete sub-floor you can only use 3/8'
hard wood. So after long deliberations we decided on the Urban Luxury
Majestic Maple for the living room and for the kitchen on the black
granite tile.

Our original design for the floor was to have and S-line type shape
divider around the kitchen island (imagine a rectangle, on side is the
kitchen, the other the living room, the island is relatively in the
middle, and the S line is winding around the island dividing the two
spaces). Knowing that the Tarkett will be a floating type floor, we
will have to leave a little space between the tile and the laminate,
because I was told that if they were to be butting against one another
the Tarkett will eventually buckle. So now we're looking for some kind
of a flexible... something... that can follow the curvy shape of our
design to cover this space between the two.

Any suggestions?


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