What to cover windows with to help stop heat getting out?

Discussion in 'Misc DIY' started by dean, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. dean

    dean Guest

    I've got 6 large windows in a hallway that I'm sure aren't so modern
    (some of them have leaked). Was considering a few layers of clear
    plastic, spaced evenly (1/4" apart) and stretched over a wooden frame,
    which I will screw onto the existing frame in winters.

    I know first hand that plastering newspaper over old windows helped
    magnificently when I was painting once in my old house, but I don't
    want to do that this time for the whole winter.

    Seeing clearly through them is not important.

    Thanks for any ideas,

    dean, Nov 26, 2005
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  2. dean

    DT Guest

    Dean, you can get shrinkable window covering kits at Home Depot, Lowes,
    hardware stores, etc. They come with double sided tape and very large pieces of
    plastic wrap. After you attach the plastic by sticking the tape all around the
    edges of the windows, you heat the plastic with a hair drier and it stretches
    as tight as a drum.

    I used these for several years before I replaced the windows in my older home
    and it makes a huge difference and looks nearly invisible. They seal air tight
    and you can see the plastic bow in and out with changes in the wind.

    I have used kits by 3M and Manco. The 3M kits are more expensive, but the tape
    releases easier when you want to take them off in the warm weather.

    DT, Nov 26, 2005
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  3. dean

    Nick Hull Guest

    What I do is put up internal shutters, 1" styrofoam, at night. The
    house feels instantly warmer.
    Nick Hull, Nov 26, 2005
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