Wall paint blistering in patches... Rising Damp?




I recently moved into an new house and renovated the bedroom, removing
the old wallpaper and painting the bare plaster with a primer and two
coats of a "Crack-Free" paint.

The room suffers quite badly from condensation, especially behind the
bed, where we have to leave a gap to stop moisture leaving a tide-mark
on the wall.

Recently I have noticed that some areas of the paint behind the bed
(Just above the skirting board) has started "blistering" and flaking.
This is sometimes accompanied by some mould growth and a general
"mouldy" smell.

Normally I would put this down to being caused by the excessive
condensation, however this is coming from BEHIND the paint. Therefore
is seems that it is a damp problem in the walls (Although the wall
does have an existing Damp Proof Course).

Could anybody offer me any advice over what might cause this
"blistering" effect and whether it is likely Rising/Penetrating damp
or just caused from condensation?

Many thanks for any help,

Neil Sherwood.


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