Wall & ceiling prep before applying texture (orange peel)

Discussion in 'Building Construction' started by Ernesto, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. Ernesto

    Ernesto Guest

    What preparation is necessary on the walls & ceilings before applying
    an orange peel texture?

    Walls: they currently have a painted knock-down texture. My contractor
    wants to spray an orange peel texture directly on it, but I'm
    concerned that it may not hide the old texture well. Will it work?
    Should I have him apply a skim coat of compound on the walls first? Is
    a primer needed before texturing?

    Ceiling: after removing the old popcorn texture from the ceiling, it's
    left with bare wallboards (unprimed, unpainted). Again, my contractor
    wants to spray the o.p. texture directly on it. Is a skim coat
    required before texturing? How about primer?

    Bullnose: my contractor bullnosed the wall corners, and his job left a
    lot of metal exposed. He wants to spray the o.p. texture on it
    directly. Will it stick? If not, what goes on the metal before
    spraying texture?


    Ernesto, Aug 20, 2004
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