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Hi all,
I am thinking about building a partition in my garage, which is linked
to the house. The idea is to build a partition of about 3x2 meters, so
we can install the washing machine and a cupboard. I was thinking
about getting someone to do the plumbing, but do the rest myself: wall
partition with a door, raised floor (chipboard) insulated, and
plasterboard for the walls. The existing window would be in this
partition, but the rest of the garage wouldn't have a window now.

I was wondering if I need planning/building permission for this sort
of work?

The house is in Hertfordshire





Mike Taylor

It is doubtful if planning would be required but building control certainly
would be if for nothing else the fire prevention requirements from a garage
to the habitable housse would change. Check with your local authority, you
will find them extremely helpful. As I do a lot of my work in Hertfordshire,
I have no problem with them at all

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