Temporary fencing

Discussion in 'UK Home Improvement' started by Paul Andrews, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. Paul Andrews

    Paul Andrews Guest

    I'll be getting out the shovel soon to start digging out foundations. Our
    existing garden is being extended and for the new building work sections of
    the xisting wall will have to be removed - it's 6' high at the lowest point.

    I'd like to fence off the work on the foundations and still preserve the
    security on the garden. I'd expect the fence to be left up for many weeks.
    Any ideas about what I can best use?

    I've seen some temporary fencing that uses concrete bases and wire mesh. It
    looks as though it might be OK - I'd probably sink in garden fenceposts to
    make sure it couldn'y be removed and put cheap boards behind it so I don't
    have an audience or view into the garden.

    Paul Andrews, Jun 6, 2005
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  2. Paul Andrews

    shazzbat Guest


    Steve. I can make anything as long as I can make it from pallets :))
    shazzbat, Jun 6, 2005
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