Temporary driveway repair



Having had a big job done on my drains, quite a large area of my
tarmac drive is currently filled with MOT. It was part of the deal
that it would end up that way, as there will be other jobs done soon
that will mess it up a bit more and when everything's finished we'll
do a proper job on the whole drive.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering what to do with it. I could just leave it,
but that will mean everyone will be tramping MOT into the house for
the next few months. Some of the 'damage' is 9" trenches, then
there's a largish irregular area about 8' square (very roughly). I
had been thinking of getting some cold-lay tarmac and pounding it in.
I can see that working over the trenches but I was wondering about the
big patch - presumably I'll need a reasonable thickness over that.
Looking at the trenches, on the other hand, they seem almost exactly
the right size for a strip of block pavers.
Has anyone found a decent solution to this problem in the past? It
doesn't have to be strong or elegant, as it will all come up in due

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