Tamper alarm on optima g3 alarm

Oct 29, 2017
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Last night the control panel alarm sounded. After entering the code to reset the alarm went off again. I noticed the tamper light was on. I tried the code again but it just kept going off. As it was late at night i removed the fuse. This morning i cheked the box out front of house and screw and self tap fitting was rusty and loose. I purchased new self tap screw and fitting. Replaced them. Reinserted fuse. Put code in alarm and all seemed fine for a few hours. Then it went off again. Cant seem to figure out issue. After entering code panel seem to lockout. No buttons would work. Just day and tamper light lit. Checked cover out front again. Can hear tamper switch clicking when replacing cover but alarm keeps triggering tamper.
Any ideas please?
Thanks in advance
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