String trimmer spool that won't keep "breaking"?




Not likely. Makers of monofilament fishing line strive to make it as
thin as possible for unit strength. Trimmers work best with the
thickest mono the machine can use. (Fishing line is also smooth:
thick mono marketed for trimmers is ribbed which helps it last
Actually the ribbing is to improve cutting performance (and sucker
people into paying more for it than for plain vanilla line that works
just fine...)


Jun 9, 2014
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AERO-FLEX trimmer blades are by far the best and fastest system I have found. It is just that their replacement aero-flex blades are expensive. But there is a solution....

DIY AERO-FLEX Trimmer Blades for pennies each!

Tired of paying through the nose for those orange or yellow colored AERO-FLEX replacement lines?

You can make your own replacement lines for PENNIES by utilizing inexpensive ZIP-TIES. Better quality nylon zip ties last longer than the cheap 99¢ Store plastic zip-ties.

There are even metal reinforced zip-ties that work wonders of tough fibrous plants.

Loop the ZIP-TIE to create the top loop.
Place the loop over the pin and the tail through the slot in the head.
Cut the ZIP-TIE to the inner diameter of your trimmer's safety guard/shield.
Experiment with different brands of zip-ties until you find the ones that work best for you.

Do this at your own risk.
Always wear safety glasses, full length pants (no crop pants!) and shoes.

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