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Andrew Duane USG

As part of some renovations I'm doing, I'm going to strip the top off
of my 16x16 deck. The foundation and structure is VERY solid, but the
decking and railings are in terrible shape, so they are going away.

The deck is set on 12 sonotubes that are plenty deep, holding up
doubled 2x10 beams. All good so far. The floor joists are 2x6, 16" OC.
This is OK, but marginal if I ever wanted to do something more with
the deck like enclose a patio room on it.

Since I'm taking off the decking, now is the time to beef up those
2x6 joists. My question is: is it better to double up the 2x6s, either
by sistering them to the old ones or by adding in the middle (making
them 8" OC), or just get rid of them and go to 2x8 or 2x10s?

The cost of either solution is reasonable for me, as is the labor.
Just want to know which is the "better" way.


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If you're thinking of enclosing the deck, you might consider putting
down some screen before you lay new decking.

2x6s should span 4' w/out problem (barring the unusual). How far
apart are the posts/sonotubes (span of beams)?


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