"Singing" Lightbulbs???



I have a three bulb (actually it's a three "globe"), fixture in my
kitchen. I turn it on with switches that have dimmers built in. It
all works great except one thing:

I notice that when the light is dimmed, (not turned on all the way),
the bulbs, (globes, whatever), hum. They make a very audible low
whistle. I can just turn the dimmer up all the way and it goes away.

These globes and the fixture all are brand new.
I assume there's nothing wrong or broken, just wondering if this is
common and if there's an easy fix.




Craven Morehead

Trying to keep the techno-babble to a minimum here, some bulbs are more
prone to this than others. You might try to isolate which bulb or brand is
humming. Also, not all dimmers cause this. Usually the more expensive
dimmers do not.

Finally, the reason some bulbs hum is....they don't know the words ;-)


Have found that certain brands of bulbs, particularly cheap bulbs are very
noisy. Since you call them globes, you are probably not in North America and
use 50hz 220 volt. 50hz will be noisier than 60hz, and also the quality of
the dimmer makes a big difference. Here in North America I have found that
Philips bulbs generally quieter than Sylvania or private label bulbs
(despite the fact the Philips owns the Sylvania plant). Bulbs made in
different countries and for different frequencies and voltages may have
different performance.


cheap dimmers cause the fillament in light bulbs to vibrate...it has to
do with the magnetic field increasing and decreasing aroung the
fillament. try a better dimmer.


Actually, I'm outside Boston.
The globes, bulbs, (whatever) are GE brand.

The dimmers are Lutron.




06FLSTCI said:
Actually, I'm outside Boston.
The globes, bulbs, (whatever) are GE brand.

The dimmers are Lutron.
call lutron the dimmer maker and ask, perhaps a different bulb with
more structure would help?

i had this trouble a long time ago and went to either rough service or
long life bulb and that cured it.

filaments vibrate espically at certain settings


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