Rot prevention at gable end


David Houghton

Our UK bungalow is 43y old and I have been cutting out rotten wood on the
barge board over the past few years and setting in new wood. This year I
noticed that the last rafter, the one that the barge board is fixed to, has
some rot. I have contacted a few roofing firms to see how they would tackle
it with the aim of making sure that when work is done it will last as long
as possible. One firm told me that the felt under the tiles should wrap down
over the last rafter to protest it against damp. In other words the felt
goes over the last rafter as with the previous ones then down thro' 90deg to
be sandwiched between the last rafter and the barge board. Another firm said
they had never seen this done and that it wasn't advisable. They said they
would use D section moulding at the top of the barge board to seal the crack
from water ingress. I wasn't very convinced knowing that if there is any
crack at all water will get through. I intend to get the contractor to
replace the barge board with a pvc one. I am seeking advice on fending off
further rot for 20y or more. Any advice would be welcome. Who is right about
the last rafter?




james w lazenby

What type roofing tiles and how do they relate to the gable
edge, i.e., flashing, drip edge, etc., other than the
roofing felt?

Bob Marencin

ok first off
i have no friken idea what a boat is doing on your roof but cutting it off
in small parts is probably a good idea.


if you have a rotton rafter you can either replace the rafter
or you can sister / nail another right next to the old.

it shouldnt cost a lot the problem they will have is slipping it in and
being able to nail it to the top board / plate of the wall it is resting on.
but they will probably use a air nail gun so it wont be so bad.

good luck with the boat

bob >:eek:p



Bob Marencin

guys from the uk i was just poking him in the stomach heheh

then again he might puke up the bubble and squeek.


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