Replacing Sangamo 410 programmer / timer

Discussion in 'UK DIY' started by L Reid, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. L Reid

    L Reid Guest

    Hi guys,

    Now moved in to new property and am looking forward to lots more d-i-y. Been
    in 2 weeks now and done the livingroom (sanded floors / decorated etc.) just
    in time for the heavy rain last night which highlighted a leaking roof
    (above livingroom - typical). Anyway, I digress.

    One of the jobs I have now added to the list as the current CH timer /
    programmer (Sangamo 410) appears to be keeping time at the rate of 2 hours
    passing = 1 day. I'd like to replace this if it's just a matter of getting a
    suitable replacement unit and connecting the wires up, however would be
    inclined to get someone in if it's a complicated procedure. Can anyone
    advise how tricky this is (don't have the original instructions for
    boiler/programmer), and is it something I should be attempting myself? If
    so, can anyone suggest a suitable replacement?


    L Reid, Sep 23, 2003
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  2. L Reid

    BigWallop Guest

    If it's been off for a long time, it may only need the backup battery


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    BigWallop, Sep 23, 2003
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  3. L Reid

    geoff Guest

    Sangamo 410 ? - batteries weren't invented when they were around
    geoff, Sep 23, 2003
  4. L Reid

    L Reid Guest

    Batteries? I'm beginning to suspect that the gremlin that lives inside it
    has died as it's not turning at-all now. Plus point is that central heating
    is on predictably now, however not so good as my wife keeps turning it down
    at night before coming to bed so she's not too warm. Unfortunately I'm first
    up in the morning and have to turn it up again.

    I'd take a picture though I don't know which box the camera's in, and sods
    law dictates that the cable to connect same to PC is in a box at the other
    end of the house. I did find this however, which sort of indicates that
    replacement could be a 'doddle'.

    Am I correct that replacing this control unit would fall outside the
    requirements to be done by a CORGI registered individual? Also, if anyone
    could suggest an alternative unit (pref available in the UK via post...?).


    L Reid, Sep 23, 2003
  5. L Reid

    geoff Guest

    Forget CORGI - it's not relevant to you

    I might be able to repair it, no promises, but look at

    I don't think it's directly compatible (backplane wise) with current
    geoff, Sep 24, 2003
  6. L Reid

    ARWadsworth Guest

    It is a doddle. Most programmers now use the backplate shown on the link,
    and all you have to do is wire the new one as given in the wiring diagram.
    This is nothing to do with CORGI.
    ARWadsworth, Sep 24, 2003
  7. L Reid

    PoP Guest

    True, but on April 1st 2004 new electrical regulations come into play
    which may require that the circuit be certified after it is modified.
    This new arrangement is going to make corgi look like a walk in the
    park due to its stupidity.

    PoP, Sep 24, 2003
  8. L Reid

    L Reid Guest

    Thanks for the offer geoff. Think I recall hearing you recommended in here a
    few times before!

    Ideally I'd like to zap the old one in to touch, and replace with one which
    will allow for 5 + 2 (week and w/e settings) and different times to allow
    hot water to be on 24 hours a day but central heating on at certain times
    (gravity fed system). I also suspect the thermostat's gone the same way as
    the timer, as it (thermostat) seems to click on at 20 deg no matter how hot
    or cold it feels.

    Another possible replacement(?) found here:

    Fixing back-plate shouldn't be a problem, it was wiring that was worrying
    me. Regarding 2004 regs, does that apply only to works done after that date,
    or does it also include works done prior to that date?


    L Reid, Sep 25, 2003
  9. L Reid

    geoff Guest

    I think that rewiring should be fairly trivial for you, as long as you
    have sufficient length. IIRC that Sangamo has the connectors stacked
    vertically whereas most programmers now have them going across
    geoff, Sep 25, 2003
  10. L Reid

    L Reid Guest

    Ah. Could that be a problem then if the boiler is above the timer unit (as
    in my case)? Did the connectors come into the bottom of the unit or the top?
    If the top, I may have a problem.
    L Reid, Sep 25, 2003
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