Replacing Sangamo 410 programmer / timer - solution

Discussion in 'UK DIY' started by L Reid, Oct 13, 2003.

  1. L Reid

    L Reid Guest

    Hi Guys,

    Just thought I'd post this in case anyone's trying to replace one of these
    sometime in the future.
    Finally got round to doing this tonight. I ended up buying a 'Lifestyle
    LP522" Programmer from B&Q (the only one that actually said it was suitable
    for use with gravity-fed systems). The programmer came with instructions on
    how to replace some of the older (I assume) programmers out there and so
    told me which connections on the Sangammo went where on the new programmer.
    Just took my time and noted the appropriate wire colours from the sangamo
    and the connection number on it's back plate before disassembly, and it was
    a doddle.

    Next up is replacing our Honeywell thermostat (which seems to think it's 15
    deg C all the time). Looking forward to waking up (fairly) warm tomorrow

    L Reid, Oct 13, 2003
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