Replace tub surround without tearing entire bathroom apart?



Hi all:

I’d like to tear out and replace the existing tub surround without
tearing out all the sheetrock in the room. I’ve come up with a plan
(scheme?) to do this but I’d like to run it past you guys to see if
it’ll work.

The tub surround is greenboard and the rest of the bathroom is
standard wallboard. The tile of the tub surround extends past the
sliding shower door frame by about 4 inches both horizontally and
vertically; wallpaper covers the rest of the wall, including above the
tub, above the tile.

The sliding glass door frame is screwed into studs on both sides, so
the edge of the tile extending horizontally past the frame is about 5”
– 6” away from that stud and about 10” – 11” away from the next stud

What I’m thinking of doing is removing the sliding glass door, then
carefully cutting the wallboard/greenboard about 1/4” away from the
vertical and horizontal edges of the tile. It would be tedious to cut
all the way through the wallboard/greenboard this way, and use a lot
of utility blades, but I’m sure it can be done, leaving a clean edge
all the way around. I’d then tear off the tile/greenboard around the

After the destruction of the surround I’d then rip out 2” wide strips
of 1/2” plywood and affix these strips to the backside of the
wallboard/greenboard that surrounds the empty hole with a 1” reveal,
using construction adhesive. The plywood reveal would give me
something to screw into when I cover the wall with concrete back
board. I’d leave about a 1/8” gap between the concrete backer board
and wallboard/greenboard and fill the gap with silicone. I’d then re-
tile the surround having the edge of the tiles overlap onto the
wallpapered area by a very small amount, like 1/8” – 1/4” resulting in
a good-looking edge.

Will this work? Or, is there a better way?


Tom Young


Oct 11, 2017
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It would work I bet, but the plywood strip being held by the Sheetrock, wouldent be easier and stronger to cut past the tile on the sides and add a stud after the tile wall is out And cut blocks for the top? Maybe you can angle the 2x4 to battle it behind the top of wall
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