problem White Knight tumble dryer


Caroline Bell

Hope someone can help. My White Knight Sensodry CL447 tumble dryer is not
heating. I pushed in the red button on the back the first time this
happened and it hated again. The tumble dryer only operates on cool now and
the red button does not depress any more. Is this liekly to be the heater
element and is it easy to replace? Thanks for any help.





Hi Caroline,
I had the same thing with ours and the cure was replacement of the 2
thermistors on the back.Very cheap and easy. I bypassed them first just as a
quick check that the element was working.


Nov 16, 2016
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Make sure the vent tube at the back of the dryer is not blocked with fluff or water, or the air vent at the wall outlet is not blocked with fluff if fitted - if it is a vented type dryer. If the air flow is restricted, the machine will overheat and thats what makes the red button trip. Check the hoses and vent carefully - take them completely apart if necessary, If your machine is a condensing dryer with no hose, the problem may well be a completely blocked condensing unit at the bottom - the big oblong removable box. Take it out and remove all the fluff - pressure wash it or flush it under a tap if poss. This also restricts air circulation and will cause overheating or poor drying. You need to do this monthly. Clean filters after every use on both dryers.

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