Porch paint in basement??




Trying to tidy up the laundry/shop areas of basement. I am thinking of porch
painting walls and floor.For color and easier to sweep etc.

Finishing will probably be in my long term future so I do not want to cause
problems for future projects.

No water trouble so drylocking the walls not necessary. I have thought of it
just as I usually like to do things the right way. Never had a basement
before so I put this out to the group.

Thank you much in advance!




Tony Mugno

What do you mean by "Porch Paint" Oil based?

You can get primers that will allow latex over oil coverage. Im just
curious what you mean by porch paint. I dont suspect a problem if you meant
oil based, you will just need to use the correct primer when you switch to
latex or just stay with oil based.


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