Oven door hinges locked in transit position. Won't unlock.

Discussion in 'Misc DIY' started by Fred Phase, Oct 5, 2003.

  1. Fred Phase

    Fred Phase Guest

    I just thought I'd clean the oven door of my Hygena Diplomat. Bad

    The door removes by lifting some catches on the hinges and closing the
    door. Instead of closing it lifts to allow removal. So far so good.

    The problem comes when I am cleaning the removed door I accidentally
    push the hinge. It closes and clicks in a fully retracted position,
    which I assume is for transit or something.

    I am normally quite good working these things out but this time I'm
    stumped. There just doesn't seem to be any way to unlatch this hinge.
    I have removed it from the glass door completely to have a closer
    look. It's made by a company called "Nuova Star".

    They have a website
    But no information on the website on how to unlock locked hinges. From
    what I can tell the hinge I have is on this page...
    And is model HE1S - Mod.086.

    If anyone has experience with these hinges and knows how to unlock
    them I would much appreciate it. Thanks
    Fred Phase, Oct 5, 2003
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  2. Fred Phase

    BigWallop Guest

    From the picture, it looks like there is a spring loaded lock within the
    long arm section that, when closed, locks into the little notched valley on
    the small section. You may have to pull out the spring loaded bar to allow
    it to release from the notch.
    BigWallop, Oct 5, 2003
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  3. Fred Phase

    Fred Phase Guest

    Yes, that fixed it. As a always the case I figured it out 10 minutes
    after posting!

    In case anyone else gets into the same pickle, this is how to fix

    1) Grip hinge assembly in a vice between the big spring and the arm
    that holds it, but not across the arm as this will deform it. This
    should rest on a ledge on the arm alllowing downward force.

    2) Apply a flat-blade screwdriver to the ping at the end of the spring
    loaded lock. Press the pin to relieve the pressure on the hinge.

    3) Pull the hinge out, or prise it from the back until it starts to

    4) Extend the hinge as far out as you can.

    Hope that helps someone out there :)
    Fred Phase, Oct 6, 2003
  4. Fred Phase


    Nov 29, 2010
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    Same problem, many years later?
    This sounds like the problem we just encountered after replacing cracked glass on our GE Profile oven door. Unfortunately the links to nuovastar.com are now broken (nuovastar.it works but it has no documentation for its hinges, so I have no way of knowing if we have the same hinge). Our hinge has the large spring outside the long metal box, and a smaller-diameter spring inside - partly exposed by a trapezoid-shaped hole. I'm less handy that Fred. I can clamp the hinge down (1), but where do I press the screwdriver to release the locked hinge? Many thanks to anyone who can help,
    mjc, Nov 29, 2010
  5. Fred Phase


    May 23, 2012
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    Again, same problem years later. My hinge type is a model 88. Didn't get any help from the product web site.
    Followed Fred's method. Clamped (carefully) the hinge in a workmate so that I could get at the spring lock pawl on either side of the hinge body. Then, pushed the pawl back usin ga screwdriver on each side of the hinge. When it is fully retracted, then you can pull the hinge out. Remember to push the safety catch down to prevent it springing back into the locked position. Had to do this twice before I succeeded and got the door back on the oven.
    allentrev88, May 23, 2012
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