OT: Wash clothes in a dishwasher?

Discussion in 'UK DIY' started by Eric The Viking, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. As usual for the start of a bank holiday weekend my washing machine has
    decided to pack up.

    Put simply, can a dishwasher be used for washing clothes in?

    I'm not thinking of setting up a launderette based on dishwashers here, just
    interested as to whether I could do an emergency wash of a pair of jeans -
    or whether I would end up with a broken dishwasher to add to the broken
    washing machine.

    Have already considered the relative merits of washing underpants in the
    dishwasher but have decided against this for various reasons.

    I would appreciate your considered opinions ;-)

    Eric The Viking, Apr 14, 2006
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  2. Eric The Viking

    RodC Guest

    I'd reckon you'd get a better wash if you hand-washed them in the bath.

    Clothes need to be... ummm... agitated to be washed thoroughly - which
    is what the washing machine does with it's rotary action.

    A dishwasher will only make them wet!


    RodC, Apr 14, 2006
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  3. Eric The Viking

    Andy Dingley Guest

    No! Really, really no.

    Do them by hand. It's quick to wash things by hand, the nuisance is not
    being able to spin dry them afterwards. Worth trying to see if your
    washer will still work for that part.
    Andy Dingley, Apr 14, 2006
  4. Or, if more interested in practice than theory, foot wash them in the
    bath wearing wellies whilst playing a stirring goose step march on the
    Mike Halmarack, Apr 14, 2006
  5. Will if I put them over the radiator. Besides, washing was the question -
    not drying.
    Levis 501's - £50 - not going to stick them in the bin.

    Eric The Viking, Apr 14, 2006
  6. snip
    Interesting - I wonder if Braniacs would help answer my question?

    Think I'll write to Mr. Hammond ;-)

    Eric The Viking, Apr 14, 2006
  7. Eric The Viking

    meow2222 Guest

    No, the thing always ends up caught round the impellors. I've tried it
    with cloths at times, but not clothes. It doesnt work. Handwash only
    takes minutes, why havent you done it already?

    meow2222, Apr 15, 2006
  8. I guess I should have mentioned in my original post that my question is
    really out of academic interest and that I am fully capable of hand washing
    clothes when the need arises.

    All my gear for the next week has been diligently hand washed and is out on
    the line drip-drying. Will be using the radiators to finish off drying for
    anything I need in a hurry.

    But am still very tempted to shove some trousers in the dishwasher to see if
    it would work. After all it's all based on hot water, detergent and
    wrinsing. Ok, there's no agitation in a dishwasher, and there's a risk of
    old peas ending up in your pockets. And probably not a good idea to try to
    wash clothes and plates at the same time. No-one else curious?

    I guess a Braniacs experiment would is called for.

    Cheers - ETV
    Eric The Viking, Apr 15, 2006
  9. Eric The Viking

    Andy Dingley Guest

    There's also a question of fit. Levis are designed around the svelte
    young metrosexual who will happily drop £50 on a pair of jeans.

    People who only buy £3 chavwear are also likely to be living on a diet
    micro-chips and blue pop. Arse like a buffalo, and jeans cut to fit.
    Andy Dingley, Apr 15, 2006
  10. Eric The Viking

    Mike Barnes Guest

    Some time ago I washed a hat in a dishwasher. I was following the
    manufacturer's recommendation. It keeps the brim flat.
    Mike Barnes, Apr 15, 2006
  11. Regularly used to wash certain types of keyboards in a dishwasher -
    fixed all sorts of intermittant faults and they came a nice and clean!
    If you do this it's at your risk - leave in warm place to dry out

    Andrew Mawson, Apr 15, 2006
  12. Computer keyboards? Did you use detergent or run it without?

    Eric The Viking, Apr 15, 2006
  13. Eric The Viking

    Rob Morley Guest

    Sounds like you pay more attention to your appearance than is healthy
    for a bloke :)
    Rob Morley, Apr 15, 2006
  14. Eric The Viking

    meow2222 Guest

    not true, but the sort of assumptions that sell expensive clothes.

    meow2222, Apr 15, 2006
  15. Eric The Viking

    Andy Dingley Guest

    Then jeans cut to fit some bulbous minger from Hartcliffe will hardly
    flatter you, will they ?
    Andy Dingley, Apr 15, 2006
  16. I wouldn't imagine it would be very effective. Dishwashers spray and
    re-spray a small quantity of soapy water over their contents. Washing
    machines work by agitating their contents and rubbing them together a lot.

    It's a really really bad idea. You wouldn't know what kind of effect
    laundry detergents might have on the internals.
    Geronimo W. Christ Esq, Apr 15, 2006
  17. Eric The Viking

    raden Guest

    You utter bastard
    raden, Apr 15, 2006
  18. Aha. I may try that on some electronic gear...do you use rinse aid or
    not? :)
    The Natural Philosopher, Apr 16, 2006
  19. Dishwashers cannot even wash dishes. let alone clothes.

    Surely you can find a local pole- or chinkomatic? What are illegal
    immigrans for?
    The Natural Philosopher, Apr 16, 2006
  20. Learnt this when as a 3rd party service provider, we had taken over
    the support of thousands of unix terminals and the manufacturer
    wouldn't sell us spares. I interviewed three people who worked for the
    manufacturer and wanted to be TUPED into our organisation. When the
    first mentioned the dish washer I thought he was having a joke, but
    when all three did I thought 'either it's a conspiracy or it's true'
    so I took a batch of faulty keyboards home and put them through our
    dishwasher, and out of 6 faulty ones 5 worked fine after a good wash !
    I didn't leave them in for the dry part of the cycle but shook them
    out carefully and put them in the airing cupboard over night. After
    that we had a regular session in the executive dish washer at head
    office! As for rinse aid, I suppose it must have had it as it
    automatically doses iirc.

    Andrew Mawson, Apr 16, 2006
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